Cherokee Lane Sequencer

Cherokee Lane is an easy to use Windows MIDI sequencer with a simple interface which is used to load, play, edit and control all aspects of the sequence.The sequencer transmits the MIDI note and Clock data so it can be used to drive synthesizers and rhythm machines together. Each sequence in Cherokee Lane is composed as a list of notes or commands, one on each line and is written in your prefered text editor and saved as a .cke file. The sequencer is monophonic and diatonic which means it only plays individual notes from a scale. As the sequence is reloaded on each pass it can be edited and saved real-time to add a performance aspect to the sequencer if required.

The sequencer is named after a track from the album "Encore" by Tangerine Dream in which sequencers are used to stunning effect.

Download the free demo version as a zip file from the link below.

User Interface Sequence Script
Download the Demo version from here.